About Us


At Refined Diesel Remapping we continuously push ourselves and technology to new limits in order to provide our customers with more power, more torque and better fuel economy for their diesel engines.

Previously we have been trusted by thousands of Diesel vehicle owners and have successfully handled a wide range of diesel vehicles needs from diesel tuning cars and trucks to Upgrading your tractors and harvesters. 

At refined diesel remapping we are committed to meeting the needs and exceed the expectations of our clientele by providing professional service in the aspect of diesel performance and tuning.

We engineer power with knowledge!

To achieve your desired outcome and work with you to develop an enhanced driving experience whatever that ambition may be.

Our custom remaps are performed via the OBD diagnostic port. This means that your on-board computer (sealed watertight) does not need to be removed, opened or tampered with.


Benefits of Refined Diesel Remapping

Tune & Upgrades

At Refined Diesel Remapping, we provide outstanding diesel tune and upgrades is customized to suit your particular needs and requirement. When we diesel tune and upgrade your diesel engine, you gain;

Up to 20% More Power and 30% More Torque

Decreased Fuel Consumption (Results May Vary)

Improved Engine Performance and Vehicle Driveability

Better Throttle Response and Smoother Acceleration

Our Service Area

diesel tuning australia

What our customers say about us

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Chris Quartermaine

Sheldon remapped my 2006 Toyota hilux in March 2020 as it was severely lacking power and struggled to pull a 2t feed trailer up a hill. First he ran diagnostics on the motor before remapping.
After the remap, the increase in power was significant and now my ute pulls the trailer up the same hill with ease. He is now booked in to remap my tractors. Very happy with his service and professionalism.

Jack Keast

Had my cruiser booked into Sheldon for a EGR solution and remap and to say I’m happy with it would be an understatement more power and better fuel economy. Also found and repaired an issue with a valve. would definitely recommend refined diesel solutions to anyone that is thinking about getting there ag gear or 4×4 tuned.