Emission Systems

Diesel Particulate Filters and Ad Blue systems.

Modern diesel engine vehicles utilize systems like a DPF and Ad blue (Urea Injection) to reduce harmful emissions and comply with government requirements.

A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a filter built into modern diesel vehicles that prevent small soot particles being released into the atmosphere. It is a part of your vehicles exhaust system. As with any filter, it needs emptying periodically and generally speaking this happens automatically by burning up the particles in a process called regeneration.

DPFs have been fitted to most diesel cars for almost a decade and, because they need high temperatures to regenerate, low mileage stop-start motoring can cause them to become blocked. Where this happens – if ignored – expensive engine damage can occur.

When a fault occurs with your emissions system, the vehicle will likely go into a ‘limp home mode’ and severely de-rate your engine rendering the vehicle undrivable.

If this happens in the middle of an important job like harvest with no parts available, we can remove and reprogram to get you moving again until the parts turn up.  Whatever your desired outcome maybe we can work with you.

Diesel Particulate Systems (DPF) Solutions

Most people would normally come to us when their DPF fails or they are sick and tired of the DPF light making them head back to the dealer which can be 100s of kilometres away.  With our re-mapping, we can come up with a solution for your problematic DPF System.

If you’re broken down with a DPF Issue, we can switch the DPF off at the ECU and provide a DPF removal of the actual DPF unit which is situated in the exhaust.  Once parts arrive we can revert the Delete.

Exhaust gas Recycle (EGR) Solutions

With our custom remaps the EGR or the exhaust gas recirculation valve functions can Have its functions reduced within the programming. This stops abrasive diesel exhaust gases being recirculated through your motor we can also switch off a number of other DTC diagnostic travel codes that may occur when custom modifications have been carried out.

Ad Blue Solution  (Urea Injection)

AdBlue is a chemical liquid used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) on diesel vehicles in order to reduce NOx levels. The AdBlue fluid (urea and demineralized water) is injected into the exhaust system just before the SCR catalyst. The introduction of AdBlue into the exhaust gasses generates a chemical reaction inside the SCR Cat which results in NOx being converted into Nitrogen and Water Vapor. AdBlue was introduced by vehicle manufacturers in order to hit the stringent emission targets set out by governmental bodies. AdBlue is sometimes referred to as DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).


The AdBlue and SCR system is a relatively complex system with an array of electronic sensors, modules and pumps, these systems can fail and can be expensive to maintain. A vehicle which is used on a regular basis will consume a large amount of AdBlue and the tank will need to be refilled on a regular basis.


Our AdBlue delete service will electronically disable the AdBlue system along with removing the associated dashboard lights and warning messages. Disabling the AdBlue system is normally completed by reprogramming the engine management system, however, some vehicles will require a small electronic unit to be hardwired into the vehicle.

Our AdBlue delete service is strictly sold as an off-road use only product, driving your vehicle on the road with an AdBlue delete could result in prosecution. Our Heavy Vehicle and Agricultural AdBlue service are to be used only for selective customers. It is your responsibility to declare your modification to the relevant authorities

We can also switch off a number of other DTC diagnostic trouble codes that may occur when other custom modifications have been carried out.

Benefits of Refined Diesel Remapping

Tune & Upgrades

At Refined Diesel Remapping, we provide outstanding diesel tune and upgrades is customized to suit your particular needs and requirement. When we diesel tune and upgrade your diesel engine, you gain;

Up to 20% More Power and 30% More Torque

Decreased Fuel Consumption (Results May Vary)

Improved Engine Performance and Vehicle Driveability

Better Throttle Response and Smoother Acceleration

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Chris Quartermaine

Sheldon remapped my 2006 Toyota hilux in March 2020 as it was severely lacking power and struggled to pull a 2t feed trailer up a hill. First he ran diagnostics on the motor before remapping.
After the remap, the increase in power was significant and now my ute pulls the trailer up the same hill with ease. He is now booked in to remap my tractors. Very happy with his service and professionalism.

Jack Keast

Had my cruiser booked into Sheldon for a EGR solution and remap and to say I’m happy with it would be an understatement more power and better fuel economy. Also found and repaired an issue with a valve. would definitely recommend refined diesel solutions to anyone that is thinking about getting there ag gear or 4×4 tuned.

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